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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sexy In Your Skin

Hey all! Sorry I’m late, but I’ve been having a blast connecting with all the cool people associated with the companies that will be featured on my blog within the coming months. As a continuation to my review in June’s edition of Skorch Magazine, below are additional revealed mysteries disclosing how each one of you scrumptious babes can resemble and perceive to be your finest immediately, compliments of body image guru Nancy Hayssen. This voluptuous vixen is the author of, ‘You Can Be Sexy At Any Size!’ from her ‘Sexy Secrets’ series of publications, which promotes plus-size acceptance in today’s society. Also check out her glam photos that she’s allowed me to post here, with many more on her site!

Throughout the pages of this feel-good bible, proportion fables erupt with answers to the questions of why a skeletal physique is NOT the direction to go and five untruths Hollywood utters on this subject, consisting of what guys absolutely seek in a female companion and commanding advice to produce your most sensual image when hooking up with a cutie. The fact is men appreciate heavy honeys with extra body mass and to prove it, Nancy has included tips in her handbook to discover if the boy-toy adored considers you appealing.

And now, insider information for all to read…

*Do something selfish for you. A warm bubble bath along with candlelight and soft music can do wonders for your inner glow. And don’t forget the lotion afterwards.

*FLIRT! It’s innocent…it’s playful…and it will be a remembrance that you still got it!

*Take advantage of downtime. Everybody needs a break, and by setting aside some quiet moments to just let your brain rest makes for a very refreshed individual.

*Be impulsive once in a while. By doing something out of your norm or an activity you’ve always wanted to try even just once, you’re giving a signal to the brain that you have a wild side…even if it’s just learning karate or to do the hula…in Hawaii!

I could go on and on, but I must save some info for your reading pleasure when you pick up Ms. Hayssen’s book through And keep in mind her father’s catch-phrase (quote), “Nobody wants a bone but a dog”!

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