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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mother Nature Has So Much To Offer.....Including Bugs!!!

Imagine being able to sit outdoors without the concern of nasty mosquitoes and additional nipping vermin. It’s not just wishful thinking…it can now be a reality with the use of ThermaCELL. What’s ThermaCELL, you ask? It’s a portable little device that uses the energy from butane to warm up a repellent mat that discharges all the right stuff into the air to make a bug want to avoid you. Approved by The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC as being 98% effective, ThermaCELL is said to be safe around babies and animals while you’re participating in any outdoor activity. So I decided to put this handy appliance made by The Schawbel Corporation to the test myself.

Living around a lot of trees, my backyard is always infested with mosquitoes. All I had to do was hit the switch to have this ingenious invention start under it’s own power. Not even a battery is required. Within minutes, it was as if I was invisible to the pests without any obnoxious odors like you get when burning citronella candles and no sound could be heard with the exception of the crickets. I especially like the fact that it doesn’t touch your skin in order to provide protection and there isn’t an apparent flame. If knocked over, the lantern automatically turns itself off to avoid any mishaps. Simple to carry in a knapsack or tote bag,
ThermaCELL covers about a 15’x15’ sized area with 50 times more protection than citronella. You’ll not only love it for its effectiveness, but also because it is reasonably priced.

With a catch phrase, “Take back the outdoors”, I can see why rustic devotees honor this gadget. To view the entire list of
ThermaCELL merchandise and store locations, log on to or call them at 1-8-NO-SKEETERS.

Who needs those messy sprays and lotions…I’m hooked on

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