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Friday, February 6, 2009

A whole new Business To Consumer Connection

This is taking a little longer that I expected, but it will be worth it. Be prepared for a whole new look and attitude of BTCC. Not only will we still be featuring companies that I've explored, but included will be screenings of the business owners, interviews with book authors and celebrities, photos and so much more!!!

I can't wait for this to get off the ground! Thanks for your support!!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Watch for the re-launch coming soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Blogging Year Is Just Beginning

With so much happening (family situations, computer problems, etc), I really didn't officially begin my blogging year yet. In the meantime, I've been working on putting together a new website to compliment this blog.

So today I am recognizing the start of my 2008 writing ventures. Please help me welcome the great businesses soon to be featured here in the near future. As always, your suggestions are always welcome.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hail To The Pig

In my latest crusade to find this country’s most perfect holiday gifts, I stumbled upon a company which is relatively new to me but no stranger to the world of gourmet foods. Established in 1933, Nueske’s Hillcrest Farm of Wittenberg, Wisconsin prepares some of the world’s best meats using applewood in a smoking process to obtain a rich flavor. In every mouthful, you are guaranteed a carbon copy of identical traditional traits and appetizing taste that founded Nueske’s outstanding prestige. With a single swallow you can savor swine excellence, opening one’s eyes as to why four family cycles have delighted in the European method of preparing fowl and hog. The mystery hidden behind that enjoyable taste is to get the applewood coals smoldering in such a way so they inject the slabs with a savory wallop. Having acquired acknowledgment from famous chefs, it’s easy to tell that this now mail-order company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to flavor and class.

Raising palate anticipations, the farm’s bacon appears to make any recipe better when few food items seem like they can’t get any more delicious. If you get excited dealing with model kitchen cuisine, then turn your cookery into an entire feast that sizzles with the Wisconsin-based firm’s goods. And search no further for the utmost line of edible gifts for your truly closest relatives and buddies. Believe me…there’s a lot to pick from. If the anticipated recipient is a morning person, then I suggest ordering Nueske’s Breakfast Basket. This consists of their thickly-sliced bacon, all-natural pancake mix and an 8oz container of maple syrup arranged in a wicker bin. Or if you have somebody on your gift list that enjoys a variety, then you might want to try their Ultimate Gift Basket utilizing ten of Nueske’s most popular items all rolled into a single surprise. With a sampling of everything from smoked turkey breast to pork chops and raspberry honey mustard to cheddar cheese, this vast assortment is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you’re looking for something a little more simple, stick with a boneless ham which comes in your choice of sizes. For the receiver who likes things on the wild side, why not introduce them to delicious buffalo top sirloin steaks and burgers. And everyone know somebody with a sweet tooth. Give him or her a gift that will knock their socks off…Cognac Pumpkin Cheesecake, letting that someone special taste the best of two desserts (pumpkin pie and cheesecake) or Apple Dumplings with cinnamon sauce. One tastes leads them to yell YUMM-O twice!

So immediately answer your dilemna about what to buy for whom by logging on to to view these and other stock before it’s too late. Or you can call 1-800-392-2266 to order a catalog that will be brought straight to your door. And remember Nueske’s all year long for any event. Happy Hog-idays!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas In The Country

Have you ever wished that you could turn back time by say 100 years just to see what it was like to have an old-fashion holiday season? Things would be so different from today. Perhaps the women would be wearing a long petticoat and fancy hat adorn with feathers to promote that Victorian style. Or maybe something a little more simple, like strangers embracing one another on the street with a hearty Merry Christmas. By stepping into the Massachusetts gift shop that I’m going to tell you about, one will sense an air of just that. Country Cottage, owned and operated by Jackie Lowney, will whirl you into another era filled with quaint provincial charm and an antique-like atmosphere.

Reminding me of a baroque historical society all decorated for a December jubilee, here you CAN touch the displays and purchase them as well. Every inch of this storefront exclaims a winter celebration. From the nativity items to the Willow Tree Demadaco angels, Country Cottage can furnish all your Christmas and interior décor needs. Plus, it’s the perfect place to pick up a last minute Yuletide present for somebody you may have forgotten to get for. From Victorian lapel pins and other pieces of jewelry to bears from The Bearington Collection, there’s something for everyone for all ages (even your pets are not left out). And Ms. Lowney is always ready to answer your questions or help you decide on a token for that special someone on your gift list.

A long-time favorite choice by her regular customers is a souvenir from the town of Westport…
the Westport throw blanket. It has stitchings all over it to resemble various town landmarks. Then there is a close runner up…Village brand candles…a scent so sweet you could linger in the store all day. The newest addition is sure to impress even the pickiest of people. It’s the Himalayan Salt Lamps. Yes, salt. Made from real salt, it even tastes like the crystalline substance. Not only is the lamp meant to light up your life, but to enhance the air you breathe with its natural purification. A thoughtful idea for the naturalist in the family, if I do say so myself. Then there are the gift baskets which can be made to order. Any theme you can think of, Jackie will make it happen for you. I witnessed first-hand what she could do when combining a wicker basket with SouthWest themed items…beautiful.

So even if you are looking to purchase just a greeting card, stop by 930B American Legion Highway in Westport, MA. Country Cottage’s holiday hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 12:30pm-5pm. Jackie can be reached at 1-508-636-2963. Hurry…Christmas Day will be here sooner than you think!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bring Music Into Your Life

This Saturday, December 15th, is a big day for The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra. Led by Dr. David MacKenzie, they’ve been practicing diligently to impress the patrons of The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center with the group’s holiday pops concert entitled ‘Celebrate Our Community’, with a matinee on Sunday, December 16th. Having thirty years experience under his belt, the NBSO music director wants everybody to live through harmonics, which will refashion the way one perceives their day to day affairs. This is why I present to you The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra’s 2007-2008 season: December 15th, 2007 Holiday Concert ‘Celebrate Our Community’; February 9th, 2008 Valentine’s Concert ‘Postcards From The Americas’; March 29th, 2008 Spring Concert ‘The Romance of Spring’; May 10th, 2008 Season Finale ‘Enduring Masterpieces’. Be sure to hold your season seats promptly because they get sold quickly. All concerts are performed at this history-rich theater located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Parking is ready for use in the Zeiterion Garage for only $2 alongside the Arts Center.

Established in 1915, The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra is a pilot in local musicology guidance. Teaching children the value of musical appreciation, the NBSO brings the ‘Music In The Morning’ program into our schools. This introduces the students to harmony they may not be exposed to otherwise. An entirely adept troupe, the orchestra’s master class series presents budding performers the opportunity to learn amongst the NBSO’s earmarked composers. And last but not least are the 2008 ‘Young People’s Concerts’ being offered to children free of charge. Being captivating and cultural, these series are to be carried out on March 3, 4, 5, 2008 at 9:30am and 11:45am.

The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra can be reached by calling 1-508-999-NBSO or fax them at 1-508-999-0958. And the official website may be viewed at See you at the Z!!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Location Keeps The Flame Burning

Have you ever had the urge to go into a store just to window shop, but end up walking out after buying just about everything you liked? Well, have I got just the place for you! The perfect business to do holiday shopping, Lori’s Gift Shack has something for each person on your gift-giving list.

When first entering this enchanting companies’ headquarters, the aroma of the Beanpod brand candles fill your nostrils. This trademark candle is made with soy so that there is no soot to pollute your home or to dirty its interior. It’s one present that will definitely be a big hit under the Christmas tree this year. Browsing even further, one will notice an assortment of knick-knacks and country décor that is sure to win anybody’s heart as it fills their stocking as well. For those on your “nice” list, a luscious-smelling surprise from Lori’s assortment of bath and body items will have the recipient thinking of you every time the product is used. For certain someones with a sweet tooth, there is a great variety of gourmet candy…enough to cause a tummy ache!

But the item that most stands out at this establishment is the air freshener teddy bear which I have personally tried and give two thumbs up. What is the air freshener bear, you ask? Constructed for both Christmas and for everyday use, these little fellows are real teddies bathed in scented candle wax and used to perk up any room in your home through both sight and fragrance. Not only are they cute, but come in a medley of essences like sugar cookie and raspberry. Some sit in a mini wagon, some on a tray. And don’t worry if they get a little dusty. Just use a hair dryer on its cool setting to blow away those tiny particles and to rejuvenate the bouquet as well. What a unique token this would make for a teacher, mail carrier or neighbor next door with no wick or matches required.

With Lori’s new location in the plaza situated at 1723 Stafford Road in Tiverton Rhode Island, you’ll have plenty of convenient parking and be steps away from a cup o’ joe. Her hours run from 11am-5pm, Wednesday through Saturday, or when you see her fluorescent neon open sign on. You can always call ahead at 1-401-624-3750 or send an email to if you prefer. So take some time out of your busy schedule to visit Lori’s Gift Shack today, and tell her that Val sent you.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Your vote is needed.

Hi there!
I just entered a photo contest and was hoping to get the support of everybody. Could you please vote for my picture? They base it on a scale of 1-10, so a 10 would be nice, of! See for yourself at

Thanks a bunch!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

What This Blog Is All About...

For those of you who don't already know, my name is Val and I run this blog. I started it to enhance exposure for businesses since the ecomony isn't the greatest at the moment. It is my way of helping store owners get a little further in this rat race. I test the products and services offered before writing about it, so basically the site is a venue for generating free publicity for your company. It can be a mail-order company, a business within my vicinity (Massachusetts/Rhode Island) or anywhere in the world, matter of fact, as long as you would be willing to ship the wares from your location. THIS IS COMPLIMENTARY ADVERTISING. THERE IS NO MONEY EXCHANGE WHAT SO EVER! Feel free to contact any of the companies who have already been reviewed here as a reference.

I am currently using as many routes as possible to expose this site, including listing it with the search engines. I appreciate a link on your site as well. Contact me at or call 1-508-689-4466 to learn how to be seen on Your Business To Consumer Connection.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The 2007 Angel Card Project

I received an email the other day from Mark. He spoke of his project that's been put together to make the holidays a little brighter for those who are lonely, sick, elderly or less fortunate. Mark wants my help in recruiting volunteers to spread the joy of Christmas, and I need you to make this happen. All it takes is signing up to send at least one card to these special people on his list, but you may send more if you wish. Easy as that. Donations are accepted as well. More detailed info is at, but in order to volunteer to be a Card Angel, you must submit your request by December 6th, 2007. And don't forget to let Mark know you found out about the 2007 Angel Card Project through The Business To Consumer Connection. Now let's regain faith in humanity!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking for a home?

I usually don't make these kinds of posts, but it's for a very close friend.

Here's the link:

Thanks for looking.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm still here.

Just checking in since it has been quite a while since I've posted here. Things have been really hectic lately and I appreciate all the emails of concern.

I have been compiling a list of topics from all who have contacted me with their ideas and will be trying to put them into effect ASAP.

Remember that now is the time to get your holiday gift list together and email me hints of what you'd like to see reviewed here.

Thanks for your votes of encouragement. I'll be back real soon!!


Friday, August 31, 2007

Pay Respect To The Kinship We Have With The Earth

Looking to make your presence in the world trouble-free of yard work? If it follows that you possess property that the family tree has been flourishing on for ages or you are only in a reverie about having title to grounds, I found a way to furnish a polished expert appearance for any outdoor surrounding in a lesser duration than it takes to raise them from a little seedling. There’s a business that I stumbled upon while surfing the net that took in my attention, which supplies robust, vigorous plants meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Gardino Nursery, a tropical plantation in Southern Florida, concentrates on germinating a diverse array of uncommon, seldom met with agriculture. From researching this farm, I quickly discovered the vast selection in excess of 400 species, a potpourri of bizarre plantings for the novice to the expert.

After having a conversation with the arbor masters, I ended up trying my hand at four ventures: Manihot Esculenta, Portulacaria Afra, Carissa Grandiflora and Kalanchoe Trigina. The shipment arrived in no time and all was packaged well. Being attractive was definitely one of the first impressions received as I found all to adapt very well to the room I deemed the plant room with windows accepting the sunshine from the East. As the days turned into weeks, I watched in amazement as these little fellows slowly matured inch by inch…especially the Kalanchoe. Having some trouble with the Manihot’s leaves dropping, I paid special attention to it so the strained greenery could recoup from its journey. Now on to the biggest test... What would other people’s opinions be? One by one, I handed out the potted goods to those having a birthday coming up. With no doubt, the tropical wonders were a big hit. I even typed up individual care instructions on fancy paper so each would get the proper supervision it needs. And I told everybody to check out for more info and to order additional gifts when in need of a present for a special occasion.

As for giving an outdoor home to your new arrivals, visit to locate extra concepts and motivation to amplify out of the house existence. Peruse the online cyberstore for wide image coverage of items promoted at the ten acre establishment. Prior to shopping, assess your particular elements to make the most of your exterior abode. A member of the Florida Nurserymen And Grower’s Association, the Gardino clan hands out workable tips for customers to bring home and duplicate, green thumb or not. All backyard gardeners can broaden their real estate appraisal and declutter their weekend schedule by transforming a flowerless corner of your grass into a sanctuary from beyond which keeps giving you pleasure all year long. Step back and realize what you’ve accomplished; a retreat that seems miles away only to be found footsteps from your back door. Gardening is soothing and provides a form of relaxation, so be sure to add at least a single outdoor chaise to your landscape and marvel your haven regularly.

Established in 1976, this mail-order nursery provides quick shipping all over the US and its employees are delighted to answer your horticulture questions. If in the Delray Beach area, let everyone there know where you heard of the business. If you contact them via telephone, be sure to discuss the climate and location of where the tillage will be planted. Being a cinch to navigate, the internet storefront includes new items and products on sale that you can purchase without leaving the comfort of your own home even if you do just live down the street. For more information, log on to or call 1-888-323-1333 for assistance.

Appealing and simple to cultivate, Gardino’s rare tropicals are the way to go for a lasting impression.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Who would have thought that the birth of a beautiful baby girl would have provoked the creation of not only a brilliant new product, but the formation of a thriving business as well. That’s what happened to my friend Mike Arsenault when his bundle of joy was born. Mike’s daughter, Emily, was introduced into the world with eczema…a severe form of dry skin which is mighty uncomfortable. Red, itchy, and flakey, to name of few symptoms. With Mr. Arsenault having a decade of experience as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist under his belt, he went right to work in search of a solution that would be an uncomplicated essential antidote to this ailment. So the herbaceous father did his homework to incorporate five all natural ingredients based on ancient recipes which have no added color, fragrance or preservatives; olive oil, beeswax and three Chinese herbs. After experimenting with the salve on not only his little one, but also family, friends and patients, Mike knew he was on to something and formed Emily Skin Soothers, Inc.

Personally testing Emily ointment and bar soap, I can vouch for its effectiveness. Being unscented, the trademarked pair is perfect for people who are allergic to overwhelming smells while the rustic benefits of this precisely crafted twosome dispenses the relief your skin pleads for. Normally, one must be informed as to what to keep an eye out for in a treatment before you buy, but not with this creation. After the first few applications of Emily Skin Soothers, it is obvious that Mike makes use of top quality elements which are incomparably superior to other skin products presently available. Providing comfort in a jar and restfulness in a bar, Emily will be the most multifaceted piece in your bathroom cabinet. Not only used to control eczema and psoriasis, this epidermis revelation also helps control diaper rash, dry scalp, rosacea and cracked hands and feet. For more information about this Ipswich MA based company and their wares, or to make a purchase, go to or call 1-978-412-8272.

Respond to that cry for wholesome skin with the embrace of Emily Skin Soothers today!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Do you think you have the nicest get-away destination?

We've come up with something new here at Product And Service Reviews. We want to hear about your bed and breakfast, resort or like place that we can review for our readers. So if you own one of the above, drop me a note with all the details and the web address of your establishment for consideration.

You just might see yourself listed as a business to consumer connection!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Product Testing

We would be happy to not only test the product your company provides, but services as well.

Here are some examples of products:

-home goods
-anything else you can think of.

And as for services, if you are a hair dresser, cosmotologist, massage therapist, landscaper, etc. in the SouthEastern Massachusetts region, feel free to email me with a letter of interest. All services is be considered, but not all will be accepted.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh yes you can!

I've been getting many emails asking for the contact info of some of the companies reviewed on this blog. Here's some tips:

-Whenever you see the name of the company, it is suppose to be clickable. If the link does not work, email me to let me know.

-Off to the right-hand side of the page is a list of direct links to each of the sites (as soon as I update it).

-Lots of times, I put the name, address, phone numbers and website address at the end of a write-up.

Hope this helps!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mother Nature Has So Much To Offer.....Including Bugs!!!

Imagine being able to sit outdoors without the concern of nasty mosquitoes and additional nipping vermin. It’s not just wishful thinking…it can now be a reality with the use of ThermaCELL. What’s ThermaCELL, you ask? It’s a portable little device that uses the energy from butane to warm up a repellent mat that discharges all the right stuff into the air to make a bug want to avoid you. Approved by The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC as being 98% effective, ThermaCELL is said to be safe around babies and animals while you’re participating in any outdoor activity. So I decided to put this handy appliance made by The Schawbel Corporation to the test myself.

Living around a lot of trees, my backyard is always infested with mosquitoes. All I had to do was hit the switch to have this ingenious invention start under it’s own power. Not even a battery is required. Within minutes, it was as if I was invisible to the pests without any obnoxious odors like you get when burning citronella candles and no sound could be heard with the exception of the crickets. I especially like the fact that it doesn’t touch your skin in order to provide protection and there isn’t an apparent flame. If knocked over, the lantern automatically turns itself off to avoid any mishaps. Simple to carry in a knapsack or tote bag,
ThermaCELL covers about a 15’x15’ sized area with 50 times more protection than citronella. You’ll not only love it for its effectiveness, but also because it is reasonably priced.

With a catch phrase, “Take back the outdoors”, I can see why rustic devotees honor this gadget. To view the entire list of
ThermaCELL merchandise and store locations, log on to or call them at 1-8-NO-SKEETERS.

Who needs those messy sprays and lotions…I’m hooked on

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Monday, July 9, 2007

How To Get Free Publicity For Your Company

I'm in the process of putting together monthly (or more frequent) product reviews and would like to give your business some free mentions on this blog for an upcoming month.

My credentials include being the current Product Review Editor for
Skorch Magazine (a women's fashion publication), former Business Profiler for Venus Imaging Magazine and former producer for the product review segment on B101, a major radio station in Providence, RI. I also was the assistant to the Consumer Reporter of a major television network.

Each participating company is asked to send a media kit and a complimentary product or two for my review. Once I am done with that product, I usually see to it that the item(s) get passed on to a senior center, women's shelter, a school, etc. or gets raffled off to a lucky reader.

If you know of any other companies who would be interested in free publicity, feel free to tell them about me. I would love to include them.

Please be so kind as to let me know of your interest either way as soon as possible so that we can get the ball rolling. And let me know if you need any other questions answered as well.

Talk with you soon!


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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now you don't have to be a mail-order company to submit your product, like the following.....

Making the world a more beautiful place, Susan and Tom (owners of Susan’s Greenhouse) really know how to go out on a limb for their community. Pulling up to their storefront located at 600 Sanford Road in Westport MA, one immediately notices the multitude of glorious hues offered. Annuals, perennials and an assortment of herbs, these business owners sure do know their horticulture. And it doesn’t stop there. Susan’s Greenhouse can offer sound advice as well as accessories for all your planting needs. So don’t forget to pick up the mulch and any other garden supplies while you’re in the neighbor. Stop by their Westport location or at least call Susan and Tom at 1-508-676-9900 to let these green-thumbed geniuses know that you found out about them on the Product And Service Review blog.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sexy In Your Skin

Hey all! Sorry I’m late, but I’ve been having a blast connecting with all the cool people associated with the companies that will be featured on my blog within the coming months. As a continuation to my review in June’s edition of Skorch Magazine, below are additional revealed mysteries disclosing how each one of you scrumptious babes can resemble and perceive to be your finest immediately, compliments of body image guru Nancy Hayssen. This voluptuous vixen is the author of, ‘You Can Be Sexy At Any Size!’ from her ‘Sexy Secrets’ series of publications, which promotes plus-size acceptance in today’s society. Also check out her glam photos that she’s allowed me to post here, with many more on her site!

Throughout the pages of this feel-good bible, proportion fables erupt with answers to the questions of why a skeletal physique is NOT the direction to go and five untruths Hollywood utters on this subject, consisting of what guys absolutely seek in a female companion and commanding advice to produce your most sensual image when hooking up with a cutie. The fact is men appreciate heavy honeys with extra body mass and to prove it, Nancy has included tips in her handbook to discover if the boy-toy adored considers you appealing.

And now, insider information for all to read…

*Do something selfish for you. A warm bubble bath along with candlelight and soft music can do wonders for your inner glow. And don’t forget the lotion afterwards.

*FLIRT! It’s innocent…it’s playful…and it will be a remembrance that you still got it!

*Take advantage of downtime. Everybody needs a break, and by setting aside some quiet moments to just let your brain rest makes for a very refreshed individual.

*Be impulsive once in a while. By doing something out of your norm or an activity you’ve always wanted to try even just once, you’re giving a signal to the brain that you have a wild side…even if it’s just learning karate or to do the hula…in Hawaii!

I could go on and on, but I must save some info for your reading pleasure when you pick up Ms. Hayssen’s book through And keep in mind her father’s catch-phrase (quote), “Nobody wants a bone but a dog”!

Questions? Comments? Email me at

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three Reasons Why Millions Are Passionate About Blooms

If you are anything like me, then you have a liking for flowers. What girl wouldn’t? But until I started to do my research for this edition, I thought that a rose was just a rose; a daisy was just a daisy. Much to my surprise, that was totally inaccurate. Out of all the online storefronts that I’ve investigated, three peaked my interest enough to do a full analysis of their website, background and professional aid, as well as the goods they provide.

When I think of the month of May, it is automatic to recollect Mother’s Day and also the blissful event of a wedding. What do these two special days have in common? Blossoms. When you want the very best for either occasion, or any holiday where you want to impress, you must rely on a company where you’ll appreciate the quality of the stock they furnish. One way to go about it is to buy in bulk, so I spoke to the people from to get the run-down on how customers would engage in doing so. Formed in 1996, Fresh Petal ships masses of roses, rose petals and garden-fresh bridal flowers nonstop to your destination a couple of days prior your event for immediate utilization; even available for the day before you need them. This way you can construct your arrangements in any manner you like, adding your personal flair to the composition while creating your own style. These people are able to accommodate the most discriminating fussbudget. A new standard to saving money, this commercial enterprise is raved about by the media for putting a new twist on floral displays. Peruse the Fresh Petal site and check out all the imaginable works of art you can conceive. I had the chance to experiment with the roses and rose sprays thanks to DeeDee. Lasting a longer amount of time than roses I’ve purchased from local shops, one can tell that these buds are truly premium…unmatched in the marketplace. They also offer a vast assortment of newly cropped matrimonial flowerets and wedding garland for all your decorating needs. All your guests would have to do is merely settle back and delight in the scene.

By visiting, you can read about all the excellent ways to approach the desired effect you want to have for your celebration plus astonishing confidential info that can preserve your paycheck while allocating expenditures. The recipient will open one’s eyes to a tranquil oasis where allurement and tradition overflow. See why so many mothers and brides-to-be rely on Fresh Petal’s luxuriant blossoms, which erupt with radiant intensity. Product can be ordered reliably while at the website and questions may be answered by contacting them at 1-888-313-6423 or emailing Requests are handled in a period of 24 - 72 hours and are transported by way of FEDEX. But you may place your order in advance and designate the delivery date. Fresh Petal takes Master Card and Visa for online payments… the most beneficial direction to recognize and delight in unprecedented variety.

Speaking with the knowledgeable staff at this next business makes me feel all the more confidant about spreading the word of successful pollination, so to speak. With the catch phrase, “Beautiful blooms for beautiful events”, takes each and every order personally for the engaged couple on a budget. They, too, specialize in large volumes of flowers straight from the farm and gave me a sample of what they have to offer. For a lasting impression, I would most definitely go with the light pink Cynbidium, which is a type of orchid that lives up to its showy tradition. Having the longest shelf life out of all the bunches I’ve tested, these amazing blooms simply took my breath away with their appearance, scent and stamina. Paired up with Sterling Range, a floral filler similar to Baby’s Breath, the two work in perfect harmony to enchantingly convert any weary and shabby room into a tapestry spun plush in character. If I had to pick the most unique out of the batch, I’d boast about the charm of the blue-hued Equidorian Rose. Perfect to enhance the setting of a baby shower for a boy, it would work equally well if paired with red and white roses for that smashing Forth of July special effect. And don’t forget to ask about the six-foot tall roses. Devoted to the authentic representation of horticulture, you will also find
Calla Lilies, carnations and freesia, plus so much more, for sale at this cyber-store.

Fifty Flowers has thought up of everything imaginable to make sure your wedding day is a success, including offering the assistance of skilled advisers to help choose what flower package would be best for your situation. These experts in bud production have just come out with a new product that in my opinion would be the most favorable and easiest road to go's the "Wedding in a Box"; all the florals one would need to decorate at the reception and for the bridal party as well. Just take the time to add the finishing touches that make each arrangement peerless. Shipping is available not only within the United States, but to Puerto Rico and Canada also. To order, click on this link which takes you to or dial their toll free number 1-877 50 ROSES (507-6737), Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm PST and one of the live operators will be thrilled to help you (small fee applies). Feel free to send an email with any questions to Now it is easier than ever to bring the complete range of natural decor into your home, office or wedding ceremony. There's so much to discover on the Fifty Flowers cyber-storefront.

Envision if you had a private purchaser searching acreage of meadow throughout the countryside for extraordinary floriferous foliage that's not sold to any florist...then you have just found The title simply calls out mental impressions of hallowed existences and fluffy billow with generous offerings, irresistably enticing everyone to come over and flutter in their grandeur. Nearly limitless possibilities are meticulously brought to life in an ample display of decorative centerpieces. Even though every arrangement this business peddles is vase-worthy, they are not only about flowers as their name implies. The wares range from candle holders to goodie gift baskets to even teddy bears and wine. This revelation has to be witnessed to be believed. I'm sure your mother would love to sample the delicious chocolates sold on the website, and the cheesecake will find a permanent place in her heart for sure. Compliments of the home to designer bouquets and houseplants galore, I had the opportunity to see with my own two eyes just how robust their bouquets arrive and to taste Junior's Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake, and it wasn't even my birthday! This item is a must-have, changing the way the world eats cake while pleasing your craving for the ecstacy of dessert. Now it's your turn to seek this cornerstone of the internet; a hallmark for gift-givers and nature lovers alike.

Try out their secure online check-out where most major credit cards are taken, or place your order via the phone at 1-800-FLOWERS (1-800-356-9377). ships to any country in the world if asked to do so. The company's focal point has been on customer satisfaction, dedicated to the true belief of quality. The arrangers spend considerable time communicating with their subjects and cleaning up their perception. The closeness between creative power and the preparer is synthesis. Use any excuse to order flowers. Isn't it time to just enjoy life? See for yourself how pleasurable these cuttings can be.


Fresh Petal

255 Coward Rd.

Watsonville, CA 945076


Fifty Flowers

1-877 50 ROSES

One Old Country Road Suite 500

Carle Place, NY 11514


Readers take complete liability to the outcome of buying products or services from the mentioned businesses. Please conduct questions to the companies via contact information provided.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hey there!
I'm Val, the creator of this blog. I am preparing some great stuff for you but I need your help. As a Business Profiler of online companies, I need to hear from you what you want me to critique. Or maybe you have a company of your own with an online presence that you would want me to give some free publicity by testing your product. If so, drop me a line and fill me in! I can be reached at

This isn't going to be a daily blog. It will more that likely be updated on a monthly basis.

See ya around!