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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Who would have thought that the birth of a beautiful baby girl would have provoked the creation of not only a brilliant new product, but the formation of a thriving business as well. That’s what happened to my friend Mike Arsenault when his bundle of joy was born. Mike’s daughter, Emily, was introduced into the world with eczema…a severe form of dry skin which is mighty uncomfortable. Red, itchy, and flakey, to name of few symptoms. With Mr. Arsenault having a decade of experience as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist under his belt, he went right to work in search of a solution that would be an uncomplicated essential antidote to this ailment. So the herbaceous father did his homework to incorporate five all natural ingredients based on ancient recipes which have no added color, fragrance or preservatives; olive oil, beeswax and three Chinese herbs. After experimenting with the salve on not only his little one, but also family, friends and patients, Mike knew he was on to something and formed Emily Skin Soothers, Inc.

Personally testing Emily ointment and bar soap, I can vouch for its effectiveness. Being unscented, the trademarked pair is perfect for people who are allergic to overwhelming smells while the rustic benefits of this precisely crafted twosome dispenses the relief your skin pleads for. Normally, one must be informed as to what to keep an eye out for in a treatment before you buy, but not with this creation. After the first few applications of Emily Skin Soothers, it is obvious that Mike makes use of top quality elements which are incomparably superior to other skin products presently available. Providing comfort in a jar and restfulness in a bar, Emily will be the most multifaceted piece in your bathroom cabinet. Not only used to control eczema and psoriasis, this epidermis revelation also helps control diaper rash, dry scalp, rosacea and cracked hands and feet. For more information about this Ipswich MA based company and their wares, or to make a purchase, go to or call 1-978-412-8272.

Respond to that cry for wholesome skin with the embrace of Emily Skin Soothers today!!!